Jan 27, 2015

Tattoos and your job hunt – how’s it going?

Workplace tattoos seem to be a hot topic in the news lately.

Jan 27, 2015

Tattoos May Be The Next Great Generational Divide

This is somewhat of a contradiction to the last article I posted, but tattoo policy obviously will vary from company to company.

While tattoos and body piercings have become more mainstream, they still cause some to blanch. And where there’s blanching, there may also be some employment discrimination. A few years ago, Texas A&M business professor Brian Elzweig reported that discrimination in employment decisions based on tattooing and body piercing was actually not illegal.

Jan 27, 2015

Workzone: Tattoos are losing their taboo

A study by Mr. Elzweig and Texas A&M University/​Corpus Christi colleague Donna Peeples has looked at legal cases and potential workplace conflicts that can arise when tattoos and piercings enter the workplace — and found that employers usually come out on top.

Nov 10, 2014

Tattoo artist turned monk: not your typical art story

Six years ago, Mount Angel Abbey’s serene hilltop campus shook, as leather-clad Bobby Love rolled in on his motorcycle. Love removed his helmet revealing pierced ears and a mop of dreadlocks. With tattoos on his hands, arms and neck, he looked like an extra on “Sons of Anarchy” not a someone attending a retreat for those who might become Catholic monks.