Discrimination ink: Tattoo owners fight ”bad” image

Another round of intolerant comments in response to an article about intolerance and discrimination.

Such a naturally pretty girl…what a shame!
I wouldn’t send my kids to a preschool with a teacher with tattoos! How’s this going to look when her skin starts to go south! Lifelong designs made so vulnerably young

The only thing you should be ashamed of is professing the fact that you wouldn’t send your kids to preschool with a teacher with tattoos. With parents teaching intolerance at such a young age, it’s no wonder there are still so many people walking around hating people for their personal choices.

Sorry, but that’s the world we live in. You may have the right to do what you like to your body, but others have the right to not like it at all. You will not be able to change attitudes. Think carefully because its a lifetime you will have to put up with it. She is absolutely gorgeous, WHY would she desicrate her body with this copycrap?

I’m sorry, but attitudes towards tattoos have significantly changed in recent years. Having the attitude of “you can’t change people, so why bother trying” will never get you anywhere in life. I have personally changed quite a few attitudes about tattooed people and the ability to do so is one of the driving forces behind this blog.

What happened with commemorating momentous occassions with a damn photo? GGeeeeeezzzzzzzz.
I think the irony of being an ‘individual’ is lost on these people when they all look the same and they don’t even realise!

I take plenty of photos to commemorate momentous occasions, but my tattoos represent a time in my life that cannot be summed up with photographs. There was no single event to capture on film.

I never understood the argument that getting a tattoo will make you look the same as everyone else with a tattoo. That’s like saying that I look like everyone else because I wear pants to work. And shoes too. Everyone wear shoes.

I just do not get the current youth who seem to enjoy having tatoos. I do not care what you are like, a tatoo just turns me off you totally. No chance to create another image.

This last comment is probably the worst of them all. He actually seems proud to admit to the fact that he is incapable of even attempting to get to know a person with tattoos. If you have tattoos, his mind is made up and nothing you can do will change it. I have one simple question to those who have this same attitude.

What would you do if a close friend or relative or yours went out and got a huge tattoo?


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    It is very unfortunate that there are a lot of people being discriminated because of their tattoos. Since this is a form of body art and has been a part of our civilization since the ancient times, respect should be given to those who have it. Likewise, the same respect should be given to those who opt not to have one.

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