Megan Fox’s Back Tattoo Photoshopped Out For Magazine Cover

French magazine, Grazia, decided to remove 1 of Megan Fox’s back tattoos for the cover photo. But, the same photo appears inside the magazine with the tattoo visible. If you are going do extensive retouching work on a person, you should at least try to keep it consistent. Anyone reading this magazine should be able to immediately spot the huge discrepancy between the cover photo and the one that appears in the article.


  1. branwyn says

    Hi, I have just recently discovered your blog and have found the articles re.tattooing, social perception and I am surprised by the strength of negative feeling some people direct towards those who choose to wear tattoos, I thought the majority of those stereotypes were long dead and buried.

    I myself have several v. large tattoos 11 or 12 or… I forget. Anyway, I am a hospice nurse, qualified counsellor, owner of 13 dogs and a wildlife rescue centre, a motorcyclist, an ex-squaddie I socialise in both the ‘tattoo world’ and the professional world, and whilst there is a vast chasm between them, I have never encountered any negative attitudes towards my ink (none that I know of anyway.)

    On this point, I would suggest that having an image of the actress in question on the front cover with tattoos prominently displayed may place the magazine in a ‘top shelf’ catagory, or maybe the tattoos don’t ‘fit’ with the ‘status’ the magazine feels it warrents, maybe the magazine publishers are worried that the tattoos will put people off buying, either because of buyer discrimination or due to embarrassment by association with ‘lowbrow’ publications (my particular favourite genre)

    Or it may be a simple oversight, not that I buy these magazines ever, except for skin deep, and total tattoo, and bizarre

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