Family fights for answers to son’s deteriorating health

To all the tattoo haters out there… Anyone who can read a story like this and still claim that tattoos are meaningless cries for attention must have a heart of stone. If his tattoos help him have the courage to keep fighting through his illness, why would you even consider trying to take that away from him?

The newly inked tattoo on Cody Richard’s arm is an indelible reminder of both his failing body and unflagging courage.

Fight Till The End.

The Kitchener teenager overcame many medical challenges, having been born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Dozens of surgeries were needed throughout his childhood for the spinal cord development problem and the buildup of fluid inside his skull with the hydrocephalus.

Despite all those issues, he was an active and happy child.

Other tattoos decorating his skin show his deep devotion to family. Their names line one arm. His first tattoo is the word family in a heart on his chest.

“I want them to be close to my heart if I ever go anywhere,” Richards said. “If I get really sick and couldn’t keep going, then I’d always have them there with me.”

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