1. branwyn says

    Cool, thanks for clarifying that, sorry for the rant, I know it’s judgemental but as a nurse the mere sight of Drs attire tends to make me defensive and argumentative even on a good day.

    I appreciate you taking time to elplain this one as I hadn’t seen the photo as part of it’s original post.

  2. says

    This image wasn’t meant to be viewed on its own. It was used in my post, ‘10 Irrational Arguments Against Tattoos…‘.

    I was directly attacking the argument that you won’t be able to find a job if you have tattoos and thought a tattooed doctor was a good example to help my case. The doctors coat is easily recognizable and because of that, the image needed no further explanation in the context of the article. There really isn’t anything more to it than that.

  3. branwyn says

    To be honest, I didn’t get the point of this for ages and I’m not sure I have it right even now?

    Is this tattooed guy posing in casual clothes then in white coat and stethoscope being paraded here as ‘proof’ that drs have tattoos?

    Firstly, to pin a photo up that ‘prooves’ even drs get tattoos suggests that this dr is some sort of rare individual, of superior personage to the usual tattoo patrons, proving we are not all thugs with the IQ of a dog turd, since drs sit on the right hand of god, beyond reproach.

    The need to show evidence of a tattooed professional, as if there were so few out there that they are somehow mythical and elusive as the sasquatch falsely ‘reaffirms’ the haters belief that tattoos are rare among the ‘social elite’ so much so that a tattooed dr is a figure of wonder worthy of display to the unwashed masses.

    If I have misinterpreted your point, then the above is invalid ravings and I appologise.
    Tattoos are not rare among the caring or other professions, nor are they inevitable among the criminal element of society, I know a lot of Drs who are terrible human beings, and many individuals who live on the fringes of social acceptability who are inspiring in their integrity, compassion and intellect.

    I love your blog, just found this article disconcerting, as a former soldier and as a motorcycle enthusiast I have met some really amazing, intelligent, caring people who I would trust with my life, some were inked some were not, none were ever going to have the monetary wealth to become socio/economic elite.

    Conversely, as a nurse working in many areas, currently hospice, I have met Drs who all to often have repulsed me by their arrogance, lack of basic moral values and blatant disregard for human life and emotions.

    I don’t get what this gentleman’s status of being a ‘dr with tattoos’ is meant to be proving/demonstrating, nor how being a very well paid, tattooed dr confirs any level of acceptability to tattoos more than those worn by soldiers who are risking everything everyday for a pittance.

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