Reader: If you pollute your body with piercings and tattoos, expect low-paying service jobs

The following comment was posted as the “comment of the day” on the Denver Westword Blogs page. It was written in response to this article: Five reasons restaurant employees should be allowed to have tattoos and piercings

I like to go to restaurants where the staff has a lot of piercings and tattoos because it’s a great way to teach my kids a lesson.
I make it clear to them that if they pollute their body with piercings and tattoos, then low-paying service industry jobs will be the only opportunity available to them in life.

I plan on taking my 13-year-old to Old Major for his birthday so he knows where he will end up if doesn’t shave or exercise.

The only lesson he is teaching his kids is intolerance. It blows my mind that people can think this type of “lesson” is actually good for their children. Pay attention kids, daddy doesn’t like tattoos so he’s going to try to prove a point.

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