About Me

Who am I?

I’m just your average tattooed guy. You know the type… A low-class, poorly educated, jobless, narcissistic criminal who has chosen to mutilate my own body in order to fill a gaping hole in my life which was caused by a terribly tragic childhood.

Why did I start this blog?

This blog was created because there are still people in this world who actually believe what I wrote in the last paragraph.

Tattoo related stories on the web seem to attract an overwhelming number of people who love to proclaim their ignorance and intolerance against tattoos and the people who choose to get them. Since discovering this, I have made a point of seeking out articles related to tattoos on the web and commenting right back. This blog is a place for me to share what I find on the web as well as my own writing on the subject. It will also serve as a place for me to write on a variety of tech related subjects. Whether it’s rooting my Android phone (formerly Jailbreaking my iPhone), running a Plex Media Server, tweaking my home theater or building a new computer; I’m always tinkering with something.

Who am I really?

My wife and I on our wedding day

I’m just your average tattooed guy. You know the type… Happily married, college educated with a great job as an Systems Engineer for a very large healthcare corporation. I’m a photographer, aspiring classical guitarist, tech geek, web developer and dare I say a writer. I grew up in a small town in the suburbs just outside NYC and had a perfectly normal childhood and still maintain a great relationship with my parents. After years of wanting one, I got my first tattoo just before my 31st birthday. You can read more about it here. 

Felix and Oscar doing what they do best
Felix and Oscar doing what they do best

My wife and I are living in a small town in Rockland County, NY with our 2 cats and a Betta fish. We have an amazing, eclectic circle of friends; some tattooed and many uninked. Artists, restaurant owners, educators, students, realtors, engineers, mechanics, contractors, and more. When we get together, nobody is judged and everyone is treated like family. Different in so many ways, yet brought together by common interests. If the rest of the world could be so accepting and inviting there would be far less of a need for blogs like mine.

Whether you are tattooed, interesting in getting a tattoo or a staunch tattoo hater, all are welcome here.  All readers are encouraged to comment and leave feedback positive or negative.  I do my best to respond to all of the feedback I receive and reader comments are what keep me motivated to continue posting.