Sling TV vs. USTVnow (updated Sept. ’15)

This is a great time to be a cord cutter, but for a long time cable subscriber the lack of live TV can be difficult to get over. Luckily for us there are 2 services aiming to bring back live TV to the cord cutters. Sling Tv and USTV Now. I am currently subscribed to both and will put them to the test before making a decision on which to stick with. Although there is a difference, cost is not a major factor. For the base package Sling costs $20 monthly and USTV is $20 for the first 3 months and $30 from then on.

Channel Selection

The first and arguably most important aspect of this comparison has to be the available channels. I put together a table showing the differences between Sling and USTV. The first thing you will notice is that USTV includes all of the standard US broadcast channels. For someone who can’t receive over-the-air broadcasts the inclusion of these channels is huge. The rest of the comparison is not so clear cut and each service has its advantages over the other. [Read more…]


How I Finally Cut the Cord and Got Rid of Cable

In an attempt to save money towards buying our own house in a few years, my wife and I just moved to a cheaper rental. I took the opportunity to re-evaluate my cable tv situation and decided to bite the bullet and get rid of cable altogether.

In our old house we were paying $158 per month for Verizon Fios double play with 75mpbs internet connection and a mid level tv package. We had 1 DVR connected to a TV in our bedroom and a CableCard which was being used in a Silicon Dust HD Homerun Tuner connected to my HTPC in the living room. There was no connectivity between these 2 TV’s. What was recorded on 1 TV was only accessible on that TV. Verizon charges a flat fee for adding multi-room DVR capability as well as a charge per TV. With these features added the enticing package deal pricing start to climb very quickly. [Read more…]