Men’s Rights and the Childfree Life

This might will definitely turn into a long and somewhat off topic post, but it’s something I feel the need to talk about here and I promise tattoos are a part of it. I believe this will also lead to an expansion of topics I cover on this blog.

A few weeks ago I stumbled upon a website giving advice to women in their 30’s looking to get married. What lead me there was the discovery that one of the people commenting on the article was claiming that “…women that don’t want kids either cant or are lying.” My wife and I have decided not to have children, and I’m an active member of an online childfree (CF) community. I have spoken with and interacted with quite a few women who say they never had the desire for children and knew it even at an early age, so I wanted to set the record straight by telling this guy that his statement was blatantly false.

What followed was one of the longest, most ridiculous and entertaining debates I have ever participated in with topics ranging from having children, abortion, tattoos, atheism, childhood abuse, marriage, divorce, to the downfall of ancient Rome and society in general.
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Removing tattoos a big step for job hunters

Interesting article, but I’m struggling to figure out how a tattoo on the calf or shoulder of a man would be a barrier to employment. How often do men bear their shoulders and calves while at work?

Luis Orozco had ferocious orange-and-black tigers snarling out from each of his calves.

Juan Velasquez had a massive red, white and blue eagle spread across his shoulder.

Yolanda Carretero had an old English-style “L” and flower on her left hand.

They were among several dozen people who flocked to a low-cost tattoo removal clinic in San Pablo, Calif. recently. Sponsored by the San Pablo Economic Development Corp., the monthly clinic is the first step of the city’s Removing Barriers program that soon will add training on job-readiness and fiscal responsibility.