Apr 4, 2014

Why You Should Never, Ever, Ever Get A Tattoo (but Having a Baby is Fine)

I loved this article. A funny look at the difference between how we look at the decision to have a baby vs. getting a tattoo.

Feb 28, 2014


I’m warning you ahead of time that this is a terrible article. It’s judgmental, poorly written and makes no clean points. That being said, the comments are worth reading.

Feb 24, 2014

Tattoo artists want kids to think before they ink

About three years ago, husband-and-wife team Sara Spruth and Eric Dean Spruth, both tattoo artists, started an outreach effort called Symbol of Thyself, in which they go into schools chatting up teens and pre-adolescents about the dangers of using unhygienic tools and the long-term social ramifications of marking themselves with permanent tattoos.

This sounds like a great program. Kids need to learn about tattoos early in order to make informed decisions that they won’t regret a few years down the road.