Removing stigmas, not tattoos

Even the Army has to acknowledge that society is changing its views of tattoos.

According to Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, this prevalence was a driving force for the Army tattoo policy change. “Society is changing its view of tattoos … Soldiers have grown up in an era when tattoos are much more acceptable and we have to change along with that,” Odierno said.


The long fight over military tattoos just hit a new phase

“Military culture, warfighter culture, is not an emotive culture by any means,” Deitch said. “There’s no place for a dialogue for the emotions of loss or fear or [traumatic brain injury] or post traumatic stress disorder, and tattoos present a way for active-duty soldiers to have a journal, a way to express these things. There’s a real good chance that the repealing of this and the beginning of this dialogue about what tattoos say could do some real good for active-duty guys.”


Spring 2015 Update

Anyone who regularly (or wishes to regularly) read this blog may be disappointed with my lack of recent updates. My work schedule and new found love for classical guitar has taken up just about all of my free time and forced me to almost completely abandon my writing here, but I am still around.

All pending comments left over the last few months were stuck in my moderation queue until today because notifications of new comments keep failing to make it to my inbox. I promise to at least log in and approve comments on a more regular basis.

Reader comments are truly what keep me from giving up on this blog altogether. I read every one of them and respond whenever possible, so please keep them coming.

Following this post will be one of my usual spurts of updates most likely followed by some more silence. Rinse, repeat.

I also plan on doing some more visual tweaks to the site. The current theme has some behind the scenes technical issues and may need to change. Stay tuned…