My Switch From iPhone to Android

I purchased my first smartphone about 4 years ago, it was an Apple iPhone 3GS. I turned into the “there’s an app for that” guy and spent weeks finding the best apps for everything I wanted to accomplish with my phone. Before long I learned about jailbreaking and, of course, had to give it a shot. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the iPhone, giving features that would not be supported by Apple until 2-3 generations later, or in some cases never at all. This isn’t a post about jailbreaking, so I won’t go into detail, but multi-tasking, copy & paste, and the notification center were just a few critical features that were available well before Apple rolled them into iOS.

When iPhone 4 was released I refused to buy one until it was possible to jailbreak it. The same thing happened with the release of the 4s. While many Apple fans waited in line, I sat online scouring jailbreak websites waiting for a compatible jailbreak to become available.

I was happy with my jailbroken iPhone 4s, but started seeing more and more phones around with much larger screens. The iPhone 5 was going to be the answer to the small screen problem, but when it was officially announced, I took one look at the new specs and two days later bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The following are my comparisons between some of the major functions on Android vs. iPhone.
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Out with Google Voice, iMessage to the rescue

Google Voice is a great way to supplement text message usage and cut down on the number of paid messages sent through your carrier, but it has its share of issues. After using Google Voice as my primary means of sending text messages for 2 months I had to switch back to standard text messages for a number of reasons.

Delayed and/or missed messages
On occasion I would get a text from a friend wondering why I never answered their previous text. My response would always be that I never received it in the first place. I would also receive messages saying “I’ll be there in 10 minutes” immediately followed by a phone call from them saying that they have been waiting for me for 15. In the age of instant communications, we depend on messages being delivered very quickly. GV just wasn’t good enough all of the time.
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AT&T eliminates $10 texting plan

In yet another ploy to get more money from customers, AT&T announced that they are getting rid of their 1000 message, $10 per month text message plan. New customers are now only given the choice between unlimited messages for $20, or a pay-per-text plan, which will cost you a ridiculous $0.20 per message.

I have no doubt that this is in direct response to users beginning to supplement their text message usage with other services. AT&T threw out some BS line about “streamlining” their plan offerings. They claim that a vast majority of their customers prefer the unlimited plan already. Maybe that’s because their pricing structure sucks since getting rid of the 200 and 1500 message options earlier this year, taking your number of options down from 4 to 3.

Now, with only 3 options remaining, someone had the brilliant idea to streamline things further. Yet, when I look at my available iPhone data options, there are eight different choices! I don’t see how they can try to spin this and make it out to be a good thing for the customer. Limiting your customers choices can never be a good thing for them. This is a decision based purely on greed and profit.
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