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Nov 17, 2012

My Switch From iPhone to Android

I purchased my first smartphone about 4 years ago, it was an Apple iPhone 3GS. I turned into the “there’s an app for that” guy and spent weeks finding the best apps for everything I wanted to accomplish with my phone. Before long I learned about jailbreaking and, of course, had to give it a shot. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the iPhone, giving features that would not be supported by Apple until 2-3 generations later, or in some cases never at all. This isn’t a post about jailbreaking, so I won’t go into detail, but multi-tasking, copy & paste, and the notification center were just a few critical features that were available well before Apple rolled them into iOS.

When iPhone 4 was released I refused to buy one until it was possible to jailbreak it. The same thing happened with the release of the 4s. While many Apple fans waited in line, I sat online scouring jailbreak websites waiting for a compatible jailbreak to become available.

I was happy with my jailbroken iPhone 4s, but started seeing more and more phones around with much larger screens. The iPhone 5 was going to be the answer to the small screen problem, but when it was officially announced, I took one look at the new specs and two days later bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The following are my comparisons between some of the major functions on Android vs. iPhone.
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Mar 27, 2012

Australia vs. Apple: iPad 3 faces sales ban

Australia’s competition regulator could impose a sales ban on the iPad 3, after it claimed Apple was “misleading” consumers on its 4G LTE capability.

Mar 15, 2012

16 reasons NOT to buy a new iPad

Some interesting reasons to not run out and but the new iPad.

Apr 8, 2011

Camera+ for iPhone revisited

Back in October I published this article, where I discussed a few alternative camera apps for the iPhone. At the time, Camera+ by taptaptap had been pulled from the official App Store due to a hidden feature which violated Apple’s user interface rules. Since then, Camera+ has been given a fairly significant overhaul and is now available in the App Store and currently on sale for $0.99.

In my original review I had a number of complaints about this app, and I am happy to report that they addressed almost every one of them in their more recent releases.
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Apr 6, 2011

Use your iPhone to tether your Kindle

Being an owner of a jailbroken iPhone, I thought I could save some money when purchasing a Kindle by choosing the WiFi only version. Stupidly, I didn’t do my research ahead of time and was quite disappointed to learn that the Ad-Hoc network created by MyWi is not supported by the Kindle. It can see the network, but when attempting to connect you will receive an error stating that the type of network is not supported. I later found out that the same was true for my new Google Chrome Cr48 Netbook. Installing Ubuntu Linux on it solved that problem, but that’s a topic for a whole different post.

I debated an exchange for the 3G Kindle, but I refused to give in just on principal. I am normally within range of a WiFi network, but with more time being spent at my girlfriends house in the woods of Pennsylvania, I knew there would come I time when I wished for the 3G model. My temporary workaround was to use MyWi on the iPhone to tether to my laptop. Then transfer books from my laptop to the Kindle via USB. A somewhat tedious process, but it worked for the few occasions where I really needed it.

But that has all changed.
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