Yet Another Theme Change

I have switched themes quite a few times on this blog, but this time I decided to shell out a few dollars for a more professionally developed theme based on the well know Genesis Framework. I will be making small tweaks in the coming days/weeks, but the theme is here to stay.

Mobile users represent about half of all the traffic I receive here, so they should welcome this change as the new theme is built on Responsive HTML 5 code.


Why I Choose to Write about Tattoos

Over the years of writing this blog I have repeatedly seen comments similar to the ones I am going to highlight below. The common claim is that as the author of this blog I must be secretly insecure about my tattoos and that I care too much about what other people think about me.

If you go on the internet writing stuff like this, you obviously care very deeply what other people think say about them.
People with no regrets have no need to defend themselves because they genuinely don’t care what small minded people have to say about their personal choices.

The fact the person made a blog about it, tells me that he is not completely secure about having tattoos.

The first thing I need to share are all of the times in my life where I was treated poorly due to my tattoos. I will detail each and every instance of discrimination in the workplace, every case where someone made a negative comment about my tattoos and each and every case where I thought I was treated different in any way because of my tattoos. I hope everyone is ready. [Read more…]


Spring 2015 Update

Anyone who regularly (or wishes to regularly) read this blog may be disappointed with my lack of recent updates. My work schedule and new found love for classical guitar has taken up just about all of my free time and forced me to almost completely abandon my writing here, but I am still around.

All pending comments left over the last few months were stuck in my moderation queue until today because notifications of new comments keep failing to make it to my inbox. I promise to at least log in and approve comments on a more regular basis.

Reader comments are truly what keep me from giving up on this blog altogether. I read every one of them and respond whenever possible, so please keep them coming.

Following this post will be one of my usual spurts of updates most likely followed by some more silence. Rinse, repeat.

I also plan on doing some more visual tweaks to the site. The current theme has some behind the scenes technical issues and may need to change. Stay tuned…


Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work

I was recently contacted by the Communications Director of ‘Support Tattoos and Piercings at Work’, or STAPAW for short. In their own words STAPAW is a Heal the World movement aimed at raising awareness about discrimination of piercings and tattoos in the workplace. STAPAW helps pierced and/or inked staff and bosses, as well as non-pierced and non-inked staff and bosses in the following ways:

  • Change stereotypes.
  • Encourage positive character and work ethic.
  • Feature positive companies and employers.
  • Feature hard working employees.
  • Help employees who lose their job because of discrimination.
  • Work with companies to change dress code and hiring policies.
  • Educate employers on the negative effects of discrimination.
  • Protect employers’ right of decision making.
  • Promote community involvement with charities.
  • Change perceptions, not by words, but by actions.

My goal for this blog is to help change stereotypes and perceptions. STAPAW takes it to the next level by reaching out to people affected by discrimination and working with companies to change policies. I encourage everyone to check out their website and get involved if possible. There are petitions to sign, opportunities to volunteer and contents to enter. Doing something as simple as sharing the link to their site is a help to the cause.