Thoughts on the Efforts to Defund Planned Parenthood

I normally don’t cover such controversial topics on this blog, but I want this to serve as a demonstration on how NOT to fight for a cause.

While doing some reading on Carly Fiorina’s comments regarding one of the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, I stumbled on an article titled ‘Carly Fiorina Calls Out ‘Mainstream Media’ for Defending Planned Parenthood‘ on  The site describes itself as “a project of the Media Research Center (MRC), America’s leading media watchdog in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias.” Even without knowing anything about MRC, the fact that the site specifically targets ‘liberal media bias’ tells me immediately that this is heavily right leaning and inherently biased site. An organization that truly wanted to combat bias would be open to neutralizing ALL media bias. But I digress, that isn’t what this post is about.

The article itself contained nothing surprising, so I began reading the comments which quickly solidified the fact that I was on an extreme right wing website. Rather than leaving a general comment that would most likely be lost in the noise, I decided to respond to an already popular comment left by one of the moderators of the site. In her comment she leads the charge in fighting abortion advocates by stating the following (emphasis added):

But the media, per usual, is trying to do the “Look a shiny object!” bait-and-switch. Thereby taking everybody’s attention off of the REAL crime here. Legalized murder of the most defenseless humans on the planet.

Keep fighting. Bookmark excellent cites, keep them handy, and destroy these abortion advocates with facts. We can and will win if we all work together to eliminate the funding for Planned Parenthood. That would be an excellent first step.

Rather than attempting to debate abortion itself, which I knew would be an impossible battle, I chose to question the motivations behind defunding Planned Parenthood because I truly believe that many of the pro-life advocates haven’t actually considered the consequences. They simply want to remove funding from an organization they see as evil. This discussion goes on for a LONG time, so here are some of the more interesting bits. I start with this…

…De-funding Planned Parenthood would likely lead to a higher rate of unwanted pregnancies which in turn would lead to even more abortions. With no safe place to get an abortion, this would lead to even more late term and/or illegal abortions, plus you have the the loss of all of the other services they provide which account for a large majority of their business and all of their federal funding.

So, will someone please tell me what you expect to accomplish by defunding this organization? I’m ready to be destroyed by your facts.

This was the first response that I received…
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Are tattoo studios ‘artists’ studios’? Pittsford says no

Yet another case of a tattoo studio not being allowed to open due to some creative interpretation of zoning laws by people who clearly just don’t want tattoo studios in their town.

…since tattoo artists are licensed by the state Department of Health and the state defines the premises from which tattooists work as a “tattoo studio,” DiProjetto’s and Wight’s proposed business could not rightly be considered an “artists’ studio.”

Limbeck also maintained that tattooing was not a “retail business,” despite LoveHate Tattoo having a retail license from the city of Rochester dating to 2001.

It comes down to Pittsford not wanting tattooed people in their town doing business. It’s okay if a tattooed person is pumping your gas, but a tattooed person opening a business in Mayberry won’t fly.


Filter drummer: Brother’s Bar in Denver barred me due to neck tattoo

DENVER — The drummer of a popular rock band said he was denied entrance into a popular Denver bar and grill because of his tattoos.

I have mixed feelings about this story. On one hand, a private business is allowed to enforce a dress code and tattoos are allowed to be included in their dress criteria. Had this happened to a regular guy walking in off the street (which I’m sure it does on a regular basis) it would not be in the news. It also would not have been news if they turned him away for another dress code violation, like wearing shorts or flip-flops.

The other side of the story is the fact that the band had lunch at this same restaurant earlier in the day and nobody had an issue with the tattoo. I would also imagine that a large number of people visited the restaurant in order to get a chance to meet the band. The very people who were bringing a ton of money into the restaurant that night were then not allowed to enter.

If they owners enforce their policy fairly and consistently, there really isn’t much that can be done.