Why Do We Really Get Tattoos?: A dimwitted theory by a fashion commentator

Warning: If you aren’t in the mood for a long-winded rant, you might want to skip this post. Being labelled as a member of a “sick and twisted cult” made it hard for me to hold back.

I ran across this article about a month ago and starting drafting a lengthy comment, but realized that it would quickly be lost and buried among the other 4000+ comments on the site, so I shelved it for a new blog post.

Simon Doonan might just give Lisa Khoury a run for her money when it comes to insulting tattoo articles. His latest opens with a brief story about a recent trip to Florida where he felt like the only person on the beach without tattoos. Rather than stating this in simple terms, he crafted the following statement:

I am the only personage on the beach whose epidermis is unadorned with tattoos. Everyone is inked up except moi.”

I’m not sure if he is going for humor here, but everything about this statement comes off as smug and condescending to me and sets the tone for the rest of the article. The use of the word personage alone was enough to give me pause, but he is obviously trying hard to sound sophisticated and witty. I guess I can forgive him for mistakenly thinking tattoo ink is applied to the epidermis, but the rest of the statement is extremely annoying. [Read more…]


If you don’t have anything intelligent to say…

I think it’s time that the old saying “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” needs a revision. I just can’t agree that you should be silenced if you have nothing nice to say. As long as you are capable of making an intelligent argument, the message doesn’t necessarily need to be a nice one.

I’m always up for a good debate and try to base my arguments on information that is accurate and truthful. While sitting in front of a computer, there is no excuse for posting “facts” that can easily be proven wrong with a quick Google search. So, why is it that the comment forms on internet news columns always seem to attract the self-proclaimed experts on everything?

I recently came across this comment in an article discussing the outrage of Lisa Khoury’s recent column.

As for tattoos and piercings: The reaction of people who don’t like tattoos and piercings is a visceral fact of the human condition that tattooed and pierced people will have to accept -they will never win. That visceral reaction is a force of nature, an instinct greater than any “righteous” claim to self-expression. The friction goes back to the human epoch of tribalhood. Tattoos and body piercings were warnings to outsiders that you are looking at the enemy.

My first reaction was, “where the hell is he getting this nonsense from?”, so I posted the following response.
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The Lisa Khoury Tattoo Saga Continues

The “Why Put a Bumper Sticker on a Ferrari” article I linked to a few days ago has gone completely viral, bringing well over 25,000 readers to the UB Spectrum website.  It was obvious to me from her writing that she had done very little, if any, research into the world of tattoos before writing this.  Whether writing an opinion piece or an investigative report, a journalist needs to know the subject they are writing about.  Lisa clearly did not.  She somehow managed to degrade and insult not only tattooed people, but women in general.  Not a single point she made was qualified by any research.  A 5 minute conversation with a single woman with tattoos could have changed the entire tone of this article.  But I digress.  This post is not about Lisa’s original article, but the chaos that ensued after she wrote it. 

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Why Yes, I Will Put a Bumper Sticker on this Ferrari: An Open Letter to Lisa Khoury

Lisa Khoury’s article, “Why Put a Bumper Sticker on a Ferrari?“, has generated quite a response. The original article has received over 500 comments and more are rolling in every minute. There have also been quite a number of people writing responses on their own blogs and I found this one particularly well written.