Tattoo artists want kids to think before they ink

About three years ago, husband-and-wife team Sara Spruth and Eric Dean Spruth, both tattoo artists, started an outreach effort called Symbol of Thyself, in which they go into schools chatting up teens and pre-adolescents about the dangers of using unhygienic tools and the long-term social ramifications of marking themselves with permanent tattoos.

This sounds like a great program. Kids need to learn about tattoos early in order to make informed decisions that they won’t regret a few years down the road.


Rebuttal to Chris Jeub’s Rebuttal to Lauren Sandler’s “Childfree Life”

I have been reading all of the responses to TIME Magazine’s “Childfree Life” cover story and recently came across one written by Chris Jeub, a father of 16 children. Rebuttal to Lauren Sandler’s “Childfree Life” Out of all of the reactions to this article, I think this one bothered me the most due to his gross misinterpretation of what the author was trying to say. Starting from the opening paragraph, Chris set the tone for the rest of the article and it just gets worse from there.

He begins with this bit of arrogance:

I’m a bit offended. TIME didn’t call me for a rebuttal. I have 16 children — and I’m a debate coach to boot — and would have loved the opportunity to rebut Lauren Sandler’s article “The Childfree Life.”

Do you really think so highly of yourself that you are offended when TIME magazine doesn’t give you a call? Why would TIME want a rebuttal from you when one is not warranted? The author is telling stories of people living happy lives without children. It is not an article weighing the pro’s and con’s of having children nor was it intended to be a debate. I wonder how many childfree couples Chris and his wife interviewed during their period of writing “extensively about the joys of more than one” child?
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Tattoo removal nurse zaps unwanted ink

Another article talking about tattoo removal and just like every other similar story, there are some inflated tattoo regret figures thrown into the mix. This time claiming “Some stats say that half of all people with tattoos eventually want to get them removed.” Which stats? I need a source or else this is just a number that someone pulled out of their ass.

This type of inflated statistic on regret is especially annoying because people who are against tattoos will try to use it as further evidence that tattoos are a bad idea.


More Thoughts On Why People Get Tattoos

I read an article this morning that reminded me of a draft post which I have meant to finish for quite a long time now. It was titled ‘Roy Exum: No Need For Any Tattoos‘. The author spends much of the article describing his scars in great detail and recounting the experiences that lead to each one of those scars and finally concludes by stating “…if all my scars were tattoos, I really would look exactly like a parrot today. Maybe even a peacock.”

The idea of comparing tattoos to scars is something I have thought about many times before and it’s finally time to put those words into blog form and pick up where I left off when I started this post a few months ago…
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