Tattoo fundraiser for Sandy relief set for Dec. 2

As someone who was personally affected by Sandy, this cause really hits home.

A fundraiser that will leave a permanent mark not only on your conscience, but on your skin, is set for Sunday, Dec. 2. at various tattoo shops state-wide.

Mickey Dee Calligy, a tattooer from Hoboken, sent a message to The Jersey Journal announcing the fundraiser which he helped organize.

Customers will pay $50 to $75 for tattoos and all the money will be donated to the American Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.


My Switch From iPhone to Android

I purchased my first smartphone about 4 years ago, it was an Apple iPhone 3GS. I turned into the “there’s an app for that” guy and spent weeks finding the best apps for everything I wanted to accomplish with my phone. Before long I learned about jailbreaking and, of course, had to give it a shot. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the iPhone, giving features that would not be supported by Apple until 2-3 generations later, or in some cases never at all. This isn’t a post about jailbreaking, so I won’t go into detail, but multi-tasking, copy & paste, and the notification center were just a few critical features that were available well before Apple rolled them into iOS.

When iPhone 4 was released I refused to buy one until it was possible to jailbreak it. The same thing happened with the release of the 4s. While many Apple fans waited in line, I sat online scouring jailbreak websites waiting for a compatible jailbreak to become available.

I was happy with my jailbroken iPhone 4s, but started seeing more and more phones around with much larger screens. The iPhone 5 was going to be the answer to the small screen problem, but when it was officially announced, I took one look at the new specs and two days later bought myself a Samsung Galaxy S3.

The following are my comparisons between some of the major functions on Android vs. iPhone.
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Ink artist pushes the boundaries of tattooing

The skin as canvas, inks and needles replacing the palette: tattoos by Khan transcend mere decorations. Whether he is depicting eye crinkles in a portrait of the Dalai Lama or the leer of a supernatural ghoul, his rich color and technical realism redefines the boundaries of art and pop culture.

An original work he made for a tattoo shop in Australia.
Born Park Sung Gyun in South Korea, Khan, 40, gave up a promising career as an architect 10 years ago to learn traditional Japanese tattooing.


A tattoo artist’s take on summertime body art

Some important things to remember if you are looking to get a new tattoo to show off for the summer. Fresh tattoos and summer heat and sun do not go well together.

Summer can be high season for tattoo artists, a time when people bare more skin than usual and the parade of body art tends to spark inspiration.

But it’s not necessarily the best time of the year to get inked.

“The skin is very sensitive when the tattoo is still fresh,” Atlanta-based tattoo artist Kurt Fagerland said. “You need to keep a new tattoo out of the sun and the pool. The healing process needs it to be covered, and that’s not the easiest thing to do in the summer.”